'A Banner Year' is a product of all the ups and downs from the past three years of my life. I started writing this album immediately after 'Rivers Old and Lost' and the subsequent birth of my daughter. The original plan was to record and release one song per month over the course of an entire year, an experiment to keep my writing fresh and relevant to the times; a kind of reactionary record to what was going on around me. The process started out with 'Odd Thing', which released in February 2019, and then everything went to crap. My wife and I discovered that our house was built improperly, and we were forced to move out for months, infant in tow. Over this time, I didn't write a single song. I didn't even bring any of my gear with me. I was bitter and angry. I felt like the world was taking a huge shit on us. It wasn't until September 2019 when I finally got my studio back together and started working on new songs. I started releasing singles again around that time, but then decided to ultimately just hunker down and finish a full album.

Little did I know that 2020 was looming with a plethora of new material to draw from.

So, while finally getting over all of the issues which made 2019 hell, we had a whole new nightmare to deal with in 2020. And here we are, still dealing with it. Losing a friend to suicide, getting past multiple Covid scares, discovering a loved one's Alzheimer's diagnosis; all while watching our society divide further and further apart. 

This album is very much an album of constraints. With the exception of 'A Social Renaissance' (mostly tracked by Dan Bouza, AJ Estrada, and Justin Peterson in New York), I tracked the entire thing with one cheap microphone. 90% of the album was recorded with a baby sleeping ten feet away. I never plugged an amp in, and I had to mix the entire thing on headphones. It was a very fragmented process, but I'm glad that it was drawn out for so long. It allowed me to ruminate and nit pick every aspect of the songs before finalizing them. I'm immensely proud of what I've achieved on this one. It truly feels like an album in an era of singles -- ironic, because it was supposed to be an album of singles. I urge you to listen to it, straight through, with headphones. David Lipps did a fantastic job mastering the album and really brought it to the next level. AJ Estrada supplied the incredible artwork. Dan Bouza, Justin Peterson, Jon Streker, and AJ Estrada helped form some of these songs and brought them to life. So much love to those guys.

'A Banner Year' is now available on Bandcamp, as well as this website. Using the navigation above, select a song to see lyrics, liner notes, demos, bonus clips, and credits.

The album will be wide released digitally on 11.20.2020.

All Bandcamp proceeds will be donated to the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Center 

Thank you so much for listening, and for sticking with me.