A Social Renaissance


I was running on fumes,
I was picking up steam,
I was telling you all the things I'd seen.
I was putting on airs,
I was stuck in my hell.
I was a shell of my good self.
But if I was a loner, I wouldn't tell a soul.
If I was truly a loner, I'd never leave this hole.

I was ready to go, I was ready to stay.
My mind split in two that day.
I could hate everyone, like lately I had done,
Or I could tear down all the shades.

Now I know I'm not a loner, cause it feels so warm and bright.
To be alive in the age of recompense and social renaissance.
Now I know I'm not a loner,
I've got a price on my soul,
just recently it was worthless,
I was bought and I was sold.
I was bought and I was sold.

This is all a dream,
it's happening too fast,
It's falling into place, this can't last.
But what if it does? and what if I'm cured?
What if the diagnosis was ignored? 


This song came about after finding a solid group of friends, in a relatively new home, after a long period of solitude. It felt like a breath of fresh air. I knew I wanted it to be a collaborative effort, so I sent the acoustic track with some production coloring to Dan, AJ, and Justin to flesh out. This was the core group from the 'Holy Gloom' era, and I was feeling super nostalgic and wanted to work with them badly. AJ added some tasteful instrumentation and worked out the rhythm parts with Justin. Dan produced, as well as played keys and electric guitar on it. He made it sound absolutely massive. They all met up 900 miles from me and pieced the song together and made it what it is now. I think this song took about 9 months from start to finish.  Lots of back and forth between the guys and myself. I would love to do a full album this way in the future. Maybe if we start now, it'll be ready by 2030.



Written and Produced by Brandon Peterson, Dan Bouza, AJ Estrada, and Justin Peterson.

Brandon Peterson - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Soundscapes

Dan Bouza - Keys, Electric Guitar, Vocals

AJ Estrada - Bass, Keys, Bells, Tenor Saxophone

Justin Peterson - Drums

Mixed by Dan Bouza

Mastered by David Lipps