Boris the Manskinner


By the coast on a hillside where you sleep
In a meadow downstream
And the red sun shining tells us of tomorrow's heat,
yet we lay down, we're throwing our lives away.

Each day is the same,
Just waiting for tomorrow to bring that sweet summer rain.
And I know this is hard, but I can't tell you apart anymore.

In the town where you grew up
There's a stained glass image of the world
All the people with tasks at hand
No one's drowning in debt, second guessing their plans.
What a colorful world that would be,
free from ideals and insanity
free from teetering just on the edge of middle class hell and mediocrity.

Through those years we were writing in pain,
Just waiting for tomorrow to bring that sweet summer rain
and I know this is hard, I can't tell you apart anymore.

Through those years we would write all those songs,
they meant nothing to the world,
they meant all the world to us.
So we gave it a shot, we sailed by ocean breeze
on a broken down old boat with no chances for ends meet.

Through those years we were wrong
were we weak or were we strong
to tell ourselves that we were right about it all?
Through those sweat soaked nights
when we thought we sawed 'em off
just to see if they would break. 

This song has been on the cutting room floor for every album since Holy Gloom. It was supposed to be the opener on that album, before getting cut entirely. Then it didn't really fit on Collective Memory. Then it was skipped over for Rivers Old and Lost. It took 7 years to figure out what exactly to do with it, but I'm glad it finally found a home. It was written when I came to the realization that I was becoming an adult, and that it was time to wrap up the failed touring and to start focusing on the future. Now, almost a decade later, I am that adult. Living day to day. And honestly? I kinda like it. The stability and expectation of it. Some parts of this song were super dated. I was able to 2020-ify it with some synths and crunchy production, as well as completely re-writing the second verse. It was intended to be the album opener, but in the end, The Eleventh Hour Effort won out. 



Written, Produced, and Mixed by Brandon Peterson

Mastered by David Lipps