You threw a line,
I took the bait against every nervous feeling.
You ushered in the renaissance of social, mental healing.
Now I'm back there in the rain on that warm winter day.
Sipping tea and talking life,
And how we always look for meaning.

We come up short, we spin our wheels,
we end up right back in the dark.
We fight the fight, we live our lives,
always just shy of a spark.

And with one stupid twitch of a finger,
A mother lost a son,
A love lost a lover,
A pride lost its heart,
We all lost our brother to time.
We can all go back to take the blame,
but none of us can ever feel the way
His shadow felt on that long summer day.
His shadow felt on that long summer day.
His shadow felt as his body slumped away. 


I wish I never had to write this song. I wrote it in one sitting, in September, after my friend Trent took his own life. I needed to write it as a form of therapy; a way to cope with all of the bad depressing shit swirling in my head. Trent was so full of life. He was such a warm soul; unforgettable to everyone he met. He forced me out of my shell and introduced me to so many wonderful people. I'm so glad to have met him. Trent would send me little voice messages constantly, and I never quite understood why, but now I get it, and I'm glad he sent them. I can't help but smile every time I hear the intro to this song. Trent encouraged me to keep working on this album, and gave me advice for a few of the songs that I gladly obliged. This isn't the way I wanted to credit him, but now he's forever part of CC lore. 

If you're feeling down and out. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. You are loved. We can get through this.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Written, Produced, and Mixed by Brandon Peterson

Spoken Word Intro by Trent Smith

Mastered by David Lipps