The Eleventh Hour Effort


What did we do to deserve this?
A cruel fate for a beautiful soul
It's like life's framework collapses
each year that we grow older
And we're left to build it back up
with calloused fingers, broken hands.
and we made god in our image,
just to shoot him in the head.

How many blows can this building take?
Nothing but holes, yet still it holds.
The death and the sickness,
The government's gone to bed,
The sun is shining bright, and still I kinda wanna die,
cause a world without you is no world at all.

Now the house is caving in, and the tumor lays in wait,
the existential dread, the love and the hate,
the bitterness sets in, and the joy subsides
that's just life, is that right?

So we'll cling to it, like wet leaves on the pavement.
We were always waiting for the shoe to drop,
Here it is. 

The original version of this song was a pretty folky, admittedly bland version of what actually made the album. I loved what I had for the lyrics, but musically it wasn't doing it for me. I sent it to AJ and asked what he thought, and he came back a few days later with an immense synth and rhythm based track. We did a little back and forth and came up with what you hear now. 11th Hour wasn't supposed to be the opening track, but at the last minute (and at my wife's insistence), I swapped the order and couldn't put it anywhere else. The music laid the groundwork for the sound of the album. The lyrics completely sum up the album's story. Looking back, it's hard to believe that this song isn't about 2020.  It's my favorite opener we've ever had. 



Written, Produced, and Mixed by Brandon Peterson

Cowritten and Produced by AJ Estrada

Mastered by David Lipps